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The 2022 edition of the lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Payment Practices Barometer for Asia reveals a sharp rise in B2B bad debts written off as uncollectable. This represents a threat of liquidity strains for businesses.

Payment Practices Barometer

  • China,
  • Hong Kong SAR,
  • Agriculture,
  • Automotive/Transport,

Risk Map

A world map showing the political risks associated with individual countries, published quarterly by the lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网 Economic Research Department.

Risk map, Country Risk, Country credit ratings | lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网

Trading Briefs

Free reports, papers and business guidance designed to support you as you manage the day-to-day operation of your business.

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Industry Performance Forecast

An at-a glance summary graphic of the business performance and credit risk situation of key industries in major markets.

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Country Report

Reports on political stability, economic performance and outlook based on GDP growth, exports, investments and consumption indicators.

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Economic Research

Economic developments and insolvency trends in developed and emerging markets, including insights from our Chief Economist.

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Market Monitor

Reports on the performance of key industries in individual markets, focusing on credit risks, business development and financial conditions.

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Payment Practices Barometer

An annual review of corporate payment practices and behaviour as surveyed in more than 30 countries around the world.

Payment Practices | lol竞猜(中国)联赛赛事官网

Debt Collection Reports

The annual International Debt Collections Handbook and Global Collections Review feature data on corporate debt collection behaviour.

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